Gala Abend

Sa. 29. September 2018


Red Carpet


Apero Riche

After strolling over the red carpet and posing in front of the photo wall, you start off a great Apero Riche whilst enjoying a magnificent view over the beautiful city of Bern.

- Perfomance: Carta Blanca Dance


Award Ceremony & Gala Dinner

The Kursaal Arena is certainly one of the most historic congress and event locations in Switzerland. The awards are presented here, great performances are presented, and from a culinary point of view, the gala is a will be a success.

- Lifetime Award
- International Award
- LGBT*-Award
- Equality Award
- Public Award
- Refugee Award
- Disability Award
- Entertainment Award
- Art Award
- Education Award
- Politics Award
- Sport Award

- Performances:

Saumchörli Herisau

Enrico Lenzin

Flavio Rizzello

Äneas Humm

Carta Blanca Dance



Aftershow Party

As soon as the award ceremony is over, the aftershow party is already rising. Renowned artists, VIPS, award winners and politicians mingle with all the guests to swing along the dance floor and let the evening fade away.

- DJ: Still a surprise for now


Kornhausstrasse 3, 3000 Bern

Sat 29th September 2018

6:00 pm

450 seats available

Only a few available